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Entrainement au Varkensgat, le 25 janvier 2020

Voici une nouvelle opportunité d’essayer ou de réessayer la course (ou la marche) d’orientation, lors d’un des entrainements  Altaïr – Asub .

Samedi 25 janvier 2020 dans le parking de la gare de Groenendael.  Départs entre 10h et 11h30.

Chasse aux postes: trouver un maximum de balises en un temps déterminé.
Ateliers d’initiation prévus à 10h, 10h30 et 11h  (s’inscrire à l’avance)

Troisième manche du Challenge Hivernal 2019-2020
Départs de 10h à 11h30. Débalisage à 12h30.
Parcours 1: Course au score 45 minutes
Parcours 2:Course au score 30 minutes
Parcours 3: initiation
Initiations possibles à 10h, 10h30 et 11h (s’inscrire à l’avance)

Orienteering is « running through the forest with a map and a compass ».
You have to find your way through the forest with a detailed map and find all the posts/flags that your map shows you. You can do this running or walking, whatever you like, fast or at ease. There are two clubs (Altair and Asub) who are regularly organizing trainings in or around Brussels for trained as well as untrained forest dwellers 🙂

On Saturday morning the 25th of January, come to the Groenendaal station (by train, bus, car, bicycle…) for a training organized by Altair, where you can either get a normal/classical map with a pre-defined route with no time limit; or a « chasse aux postes » (special exercise of the day) which shows all the flags but you have to optimize your route to get as many as you can get within the set time limit. This is more fun if you are experienced but I would recommend the classical map for beginners. It will probably take you between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours. There are people around who can explain all about orienteering and advise you which map is good for you.

Just come to the parking outside Groenendaal station somewhere between 10:00 AM and 11:30 and we’ll get you set up. It’s easier than you think to get started with orienteering! Cost: 3 euros pp (unless you are a member of a federation club but then you would already know about this event). Bringing a compass will probably help you but it’s not strictly necessary.

For total beginners:
We also organize initiations/introductions, where an experienced orienteer takes you with him/her to show you how it all works (in an easy beginner-style)

Gratuit pour les membres de l’Altaïr ou de l’ASUB.
2€ pour les clubs ABSO
3€ pour les autres

Inscriptions recommandées avant le vendredi 24 janvier:
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